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.. is the new single and video by the World-Soul-Reggae band, Luc and the Lovingtons.
Welcome to My House was executive produced by Jason Mraz. It is a soothing balm to the divisiveness, separation and violence that was perpetuated in the Presidential race by President-elect Donald Trump and the current state of affairs in our world, most vibrantly right now in North Dakota. Fear is running rampant and this song is an expression of the beauty of unconditional love and unity.

As lead singer, Luc Reynaud told me, “that is my hope .. to keep love blossoming and to keep returning to that spot.” Welcome to My House features youth and teens from Syria and America who evoke the redemptive and inspiring grace of the human heart. When you click Behind the Scenes, you’ll see a playlist of scenes from the video. 

I fell in love with the music of Luc and the Lovingtons when I first heard them perform at the Agape International Spiritual Center. Their music opened my heart, got me up and dancing, and then I saw painter, Benjamin Swatez, playing the “paints.” Benjamin creates a new painting for each concert. Luc and the Lovington’s song, Freedom, was on tha Peace Mob, Million Mamas Movement’s flashmob soundtrack. tha Peace Mob flashmobbed on International Day of Peace, Peace Sunday 2015, and  was part of the global One Billion Rising, V-day flashmobs. 

Go to Luc and the Lovingtons to learn more about and to support this wonderful band, whom Jason Mraz calls, “..one of my new favorite groups, I think they’re one of the most heart-centered bands out there today.”  We think you’ll love them, too!

Enjoy and please .. spread the love! Our world is in need of more love today!

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Wendy Silvers

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