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Insanity-CDC’s ACIP: Give DOUBLE HepB dose to Infants whose moms have HepB

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Below is a copy of an article that was sent to me. I find it very concerning to me that the CDC’s ACIP would agree to bombard an infant with multiple doses of the HepB shot.  The HepB shot contains 250 micrograms of Aluminum. A mom and baby can be treated, if it was revealed that the baby was HepB positive. There have …

21 Vaccine facts everyone needs to know

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  21 Vaccine facts — there are more From 2nd Annual Health Freedom Rally Press Release compiled by Million Mamas Movement In 1982, the 4 major drug manufacturers, Merck, Wyeth, Lederle, and Connaught threatened to stop selling vaccines in America unless granted Immunity Liability. In 2011, the Supreme Court granted drug companies Liability Immunity. When a child is vaccine injured, the …