Which vaccines and why, Part 1- LeviQuackenboss

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Which Vaccines and Why? {Part 1} This article originally appeared September  27, 2015 on  leviquackenboss.wordpress.com by LEVI QUACKENBOSS Years ago, as one of the few dads lurking on the Baby Center vaccine board, I can’t tell you how often a concerned parent popped on the board and posted that question to the group: Which vaccines would you choose, and why? It …

Wendy Silvers Speaks at Bhakti Fest

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Million Mamas Movement founder, Wendy Silvers, spoke at BhaktiFest about SB277 inviting, “all hands, all hearts, on deck. Our children and the next 7 Generations need all of us.” Her call to action: “Wake up. Stay Awake. Get Involved.” Are you in?


Meet Izzy – he can’t get a medical exemption

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“This is Izzy. He was a perfect healthy thriving baby. I delayed vaccines, and, at 6 months, we had his first.  We spaced them out but it wasn’t enough. He stopped growing.  Doctors told me to quit breastfeeding.  I listened against my better judgment. After a second round of vaccines, at a year, he developed pneumonia and almost died. This …