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Which vaccines and why, Part 1- LeviQuackenboss

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Which Vaccines and Why? {Part 1} This article originally appeared September  27, 2015 on by LEVI QUACKENBOSS Years ago, as one of the few dads lurking on the Baby Center vaccine board, I can’t tell you how often a concerned parent popped on the board and posted that question to the group: Which vaccines would you choose, and why? It …

Wendy Silvers Speaks at Bhakti Fest

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Million Mamas Movement founder, Wendy Silvers, spoke at BhaktiFest about SB277 inviting, “all hands, all hearts, on deck. Our children and the next 7 Generations need all of us.” Her call to action: “Wake up. Stay Awake. Get Involved.” Are you in?


Meet Izzy – he can’t get a medical exemption

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“This is Izzy. He was a perfect healthy thriving baby. I delayed vaccines, and, at 6 months, we had his first.  We spaced them out but it wasn’t enough. He stopped growing.  Doctors told me to quit breastfeeding.  I listened against my better judgment. After a second round of vaccines, at a year, he developed pneumonia and almost died. This …

Get your RAJ – Rhythm & Joy – on this Saturday, August 29th


Get your RAJ – Rhythm & Joy – on this Saturday, August 29th.  Come visit us at the RAJ Festival.  Look for the Million Mamas Movement booth, near our sister organization, Compassionate California booth and many others.  You can sign SB277 Referendum petitions, too. Music is a healing force and Rickie Byars Beckwith is a most beautiful expression of this truth. A visionary, …