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Meet Izzy – he can’t get a medical exemption

Wendy Silvers General 2 Comments

“This is Izzy. He was a perfect healthy thriving baby. I delayed vaccines, and, at 6 months, we had his first.  We spaced them out but it wasn’t enough. He stopped growing.  Doctors told me to quit breastfeeding.  I listened against my better judgment. After a second round of vaccines, at a year, he developed pneumonia and almost died. This …

What’s Next

Wendy Silvers General 1 Comment

You’re probably aware by now that on June 30, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law, SB277, a mandatory vaccination bill. SB277 strips parents of their unalienable rights to choose what goes into their children’s bodies. No longer is there an option to delay, stagger or be selective about vaccinating your children. With this law, gone are personal and religious belief exemptions. Medical …