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A Conversation That Will Heal the World by Natalie Kling

My dearest women,

Are you hearing the call? Are you feeling the urgency? Is your heart pounding with the anticipation of a major shift?

You are indeed being called to the most important task of you life.

You are being called to recognize that the mayhem and insanity of our world, can be healed by you.

If we are to see peace in our lifetimes, then we best get busy recognizing the greatness within ourselves. We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for. It is time to reach into the depths of our hearts and stand for the love, the compassion, the creativity, the wisdom and the fearlessness that is already there. It is time to look in the mirror and see the goddess that knows enough, has studied enough, has experienced enough to say, “Enough!”

YOU are the leader that will bring us out of despair. You are the powerhouse, the healer, the inspiration we need to come together. You must take a stand so that the women around you will have the courage to stand up too.

The only problem with the world is the problem within you and me that makes us think we are not enough. Every atrocity at every level is because somebody has forgotten who they are. They believe the doubts and the fears within themselves and so they take down the ones around them.

We do it, too, everyday, in smaller, perhaps more passive ways. And everyday we risk the possibilities being expressed in another because we are convincing people that we are not the most brilliant, gorgeous, intelligent, creative beings on the planet, and neither are they.

Wrong! We ARE in fact full of light and joy and unbridled passion and we know it. So live it. Be it. Exemplify it. Live as if everything you do and say is God speaking to God. Infuse love into every dull and fascinating moment of your life.

But, you say, there are good reasons to be upset, unhappy, depressed, frustrated, tired, sick, afraid. I know. Stand up ANYWAY! We are not being called to be perfect, or unscathed. We are being called to stand up with all our flaws and scars and vulnerabilities and failures and mistakes, because we know that these are necessary to be whole, to be complete, to be real, to be a strong woman who is ready to let go.

It’s not a time to count our losses. We’ve done that. It’s time to believe that we are more than all that. So much more. That we have access to all the healing, all the wisdom, all the love and all the comfort we need. We must commit to whatever practices will get us there. And get there! Fast!

When we stand for our light and the power we have to love and forgive and create, then we stand for that same power in each other. When we stand united in our greatness and possibility dear sisters, then we stand for our men, and for our children to do the same. And when we stand for long enough, with enough of our sisters and brothers and humanity, then we can have a new conversation. A conversation worth having. A conversation that will give us the ride of our lives, that will fill us with the joy, the freedom, and the deep fulfillment we’ve been seeking. A conversation that will heal the world.

With great love,




7 Questions to Spot-check Your Spiritual Alignment
by “Mama” Wendy Silvers, founder of Million Mamas Movement

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself when you’re wondering whether what you’re saying and doing is “spiritual.”

Nonviolence is absolute commitment to the way of love. Love is not emotional bash; it is not empty sentimentalism. It is the active outpouring of one’s whole being into the being of another.

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1957

mandala 205x200

April 4th brings the 17th Annual Season for Nonviolence event to a close. This annual 64 day campaign, co-founded in 1998 by Dr. Arun Gandhi and The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT), spanning from January 30th – April 4th, the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is a time when focus is brought to the philosophy of attaining peace through nonviolent action. It is so wonderful to honor these profound wayshowers as well as recognize that  living from a consciousness of peace, love, compassion, empathy, nonviolence, forgiveness and reconciliation is an everyday practice not an event..
There is no greater crucible for the practice of nonviolence, peace and compassion than partnering and co-parenting. I heard a mom say recently that, “world peace begins at home.” I am in complete agreement, however, how many people can say that they grew up in families where peace, love, compassion, kindness, generosity, empathy and connected communication was practiced? 
Being in relationship is a work of the heart. It is a deeply spiritual practice. I often joke that it’s like putting miracle grow on the places within us that are seeking nurturing, loving and healing. Add a child or children to the mix and parenting becomes a whole different adventure. There’s nothing more heartrending than seeing the crumpled face and fear in your child’s eyes when you and partner fight in front of them or lash out at them in anger. Every child wants their parents to get along. It hurts them deeply when they see and hear their parents being hurtful to one another. The impact of parents not getting along on children is something that takes a long time to transcend. A child begins to believe about themselves what they see and hear in their house from their parents and it becomes their inner voice. Here are some questions to consider:
  • Do you find yourself arguing with your partner over parenting choices?
  • Do you wish that you could communicate with your partner or the parent of your child in a more peaceful way? 
  • Do you find yourself sniping or yelling at your partner in front of your children?
  • Is being right very important to you, especially with your partner?
  • Do you ever find yourself taking out your anger at your partner on your children?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, join me, Sunday, April 6, 2:30-4:30pm at the Agape International Spiritual Center where we will explore the 4 Keys to Co-Parenting Peacefully.
The bliss, ecstasy and everything falling into place that we see unfold in tv shows and movies doesn’t typically occur off the screen. Real life relating can be messy and unpredictable. Even, and, especially, when you’re on a spiritual path. It can be mystifying how calm and centered you might be in your meditation or at your spiritual community yet one wrong word or look from your partner and it’s like kerosene to your being and you flip your lid. When family of origin issues emerge, you may find yourself communicating in ways that are ineffective and combative. This doesn’t mean that you’re bad and wrong or that the person you’re with is bad or wrong. It’s just an indication that deeper work is calling us forth. Most of us weren’t shown how to have healthy, conscious, intimate relationships. Most clients I sit with didn’t grow up seeing conflicts resolved through compassionate, connected communication. And, like it or not, what we don’t address, and, embrace, we usually repeat. 
If you’d like to experience greater peace in your co-parenting relationship and in your relating, join me for the 4 Keys to Co-Parent Peacefully presentation Sunday, April 6, 2:30-4:30, at the monthly Parenting Ministry meeting at the Agape International Spiritual Center5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, 90230.
You will leave with:
  • 4 keys to Co-Parent peacefully
  • Tools to communicate from a nonviolent, compassionate and connected place
  • Powerful strategies to unhook yourself when triggered
  • Ways to repair any ruptures with your partners, co-parents and children
This is an adults only workshop. Love donations are welcome. Childcare will be offered at $5 per child. You must RSVP so that we are sure to have childcare. RSVP:  parentingministry@agapelive.com
Until next time, know that you are powerful beyond measure and loved beyond description. 
Peace and many blessings, 
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Director, Agape Parenting Ministry
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Beloved Million Mamas Movement Community,

Hear ye, Hear ye!! 

Please set your smartphone alarm, and mark your calendars, for Monday, December 2, 12 pm PST/ 3 pm EST so that you may participate in our last MMM Monthly Town Hall call of 2013!

You are so important! What you have to say matters! Share your voice, ideas, presence, suggestions, inspiration and questions! C’mon and rock yo bad self ~ Speak up, align your voice with the vision of all mamas and children thriving in your community and around the world! 

What does Global Motherhood mean to you? What is it that you would like to see shift and change for mamas? For children? For women? For families? What issues are your fired up about? What do we address first? Gather together in this virtual circle. I will lead us in a visioning process and dialogue about our next steps. It takes us joining together, tapping into the fierce and unstoppable mothering energy that is inherent within all of us to create a shift in our world!

Let us close out 2013 with powerful, activating intentions and set the field for a 2014 that sends the message far and wide that we, the beloved community of mothers and others, are taking a stand for a world where all mamas, children and families thrive.

Get more details, and signup, HERE:  http://millionmamasmovement.org/mmmtownhallcalls/

Peace and many blessings,

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Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith & Wendy Silvers
“Wendy’s commitment to bringing peace to our world through mothering is pure, true and divinely inspired. Her ability to lead women through evolutionary individual transformation will heal the planet.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder
Agape International Spiritual Center