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LA Times — How to talk with your kids about the Violence in Charlottesville

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I was interviewed in the LA Times on How to Talk with your Kids about Violence in Charlottesville. It is an important topic to explore given all that is happening in our world. If you, your child, or your community is in need of support and soothing during these turbulent times, please contact me — On Wednesday, August 16, 2017, …

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and Robert DeNiro host February 15 Press Conference at National Press Club

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  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert DeNiro Host February 15 Press Conference at National Press Club February 15, 2017, Washington, DC … For over three decades, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been one of the world’s leading environmental advocates.  He is known for his dogged and intense brand of environmental activism and his advocacy for transparent government and rigorous science. Since 2005, he …

Mr. Trump – the children are watching

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 (excerpt from Huffington Post) Wendy Silvers The Awakened Mother and Parenting Coach   I have been a Mother’s Mentor and a Conscious, nonviolent parenting coach since 2004. It is my passion to help mothers embrace their purpose and immeasurable value, and to guide parents in learning nonviolent parenting skills. This allows them to grow confident, caring children amidst digital media overload. …

Awakened Mothers are Powerful!

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Did you watch the Presidential debates this evening? I call them scary reality tv. We strive to teach our children to be kind to one another and yet every time there’s an electoral process, we see candidates bullying and engaging in power over behaviors like they’re slugging it out in the sandbox. Unless you unplug from media, you will be …

Mediocrity Always Attacks Excellence

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I once heard the statement that, “mediocrity always attacks excellence,” from my mentor, Michael Bernard Beckwith. I’m seeing this statement evidenced live and in living color. The prestigious Tribeca Film Festival announced on Monday, March 21, that, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, a powerful documentary directed by Andy Wakefield, would screen in the Tribeca Talks series. Wakefield is the British gastrointerologist, falsely accused of starting …

Natalie Kling

A Conversation That Will Heal the World by Natalie Kling

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A Conversation That Will Heal the World by Natalie Kling My dearest women, Are you hearing the call? Are you feeling the urgency? Is your heart pounding with the anticipation of a major shift? You are indeed being called to the most important task of you life. You are being called to recognize that the mayhem and insanity of our …

12 Steps to Help You Talk with Your Children About Suicide- Huffington Post

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 Since the suicide of beloved Robin Williams‘ last week, magazines, as is the case, have featured him on the covers with daily reports on the details of his death prevalent in the media. What do you say to a shorty who’s asking about Robin’s death? I’ve counseled adults whose spouses have died and they’ve shared with me how uncomfortable some …

#BringBackOurGirlsAlive NOT ON OUR WATCH Mini-Vigil and Prayer Gathering

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NOT ON OUR WATCH #BringBackOurGirlsAlive Mini-Vigil and Prayer Gathering   lead by MMM founder & Spiritual Midwife, Wendy Silvers, May 9th   So disturbed by the abduction of the 234 Nigerian girls, Wendy Silvers found herself in contemplation and meditation on what could be done and as she did, the words NOT ON OUR WATCH moved through her awareness. She began posting NOT ON OUR WATCH …

Not On Our Watch!


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  There is nothing I cherish more than being mother to my daughter. I feel waves of gratitude cascading through me that she is safe with me while painfully aware that on the other side of the world there is craziness and violence unfolding. Attacks in the village that military troops used as a base to search for the 234 …