Place the Oxygen Mask on your face first

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In the midst of all that is happening in our world these days, and the Sacred Activism I’ve been involved with in the past 2 years specifically, I keep reminding myself and my clients the wisdom of the instruction stewards and stewardesses give to passengers on a plane: Place the oxygen mask on your face first before you help your child or any person in need.


I learned, painfully, through a radical health challenge that I had to slow my roll for my overall well-being. I can honestly say that self-care was not something that I gave a lot of thought to until I had to. I thought that meditation and being of service was enough. They’re very important but not the only tools in my self-care toolkit. While I’m still on a learning curve in intentionally scheduling time to replenish myself, self-care has become non-negotiable. In these turbulent times we’re living in right now, I am declaring that taking time to steep oneself in self-loving and honoring activities is a requirement for everyone, particularly parents, and those who are in leadership and activist roles. I’ve learned that self-care helps me to be kinder and more loving to myself, and gracious to my child, partner, clients, friends, you name it. My moments of gratitude and silence in the morning before moving on to the rest of my daily activities are an entry point into self care. 


Making time for self-care may seem counter intuitive to many busy mamas and women who have long to-do lists and schedules that are full to overflowing. I believe that as human beings, we can consciously choose to have dominion over our energy, our thoughts, our words and our actions. The times we’re living in require our cultivating this choice within ourselves. I advise parents to SLOW down so that they may be present and connect with their children and themselves. What I know absolutely and resolutely is that an integral stepping stone to prosperity and inner calm is self-care. Have you ever been around an abrupt, harried, hurried, successful person and said to yourself, “Oh, yeh, I want what s/he has.”  I doubt it.

I submit that when we schedule time to care for ourselves, it is reflected in the quality of our relationships and the success of our businesses. It affects how we care for our children, how available we are for our partners and friends, which then ripples out into how we interact in the world and care for the planet. When we neglect or push ourselves, it shows up in our life. We may think that we’re fooling our children or associates but they know. I practice self-care. Notice that I said, practice. Sometimes, I’m moving so fast that I don’t realize that I’m holding my breath or breathing shallowly.  Taking time to pause, to breathe, slowly, deeply, and intentionally, bringing my awareness to my heart, feels so good and it resets my nervous system.

This past summer I did a 21-day Facebook live video series called, Strategies of Serenity. I realized how tense and anxious I was feeling navigating my life along with all of the world events swirling around us. I needed to ground myself with strategies of serenity in my daily life so that I could feel that I was in integrity with what I’ve been teaching to my clients for years. I invite you to make a list of what your self-care practice will look like for you. What has your heart smile? What releases endorphins and oxytocin into your system? Let yourself dream into what lights you up. Know that it will evolve as you engage in self-care. Please email me:, if you’d like to receive any of the facebook videos. 

Here are 12 Strategies for Serenity in Stressful Times


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