Mamas and Papas 4 Peace Pledge

Are you a mama, papa, auntie, uncle, g-pa or g-ma who would like peace in your child’s lifetime?

The ‘Mamas and Papas 4 Peace’ pledge began on September 21, 2012, International Day of Peace, for those of you who were on the Get On the Peace Train 2012 tele-summit. It is an invitation to intentionally create a personal practice of peace in your daily life, which will improve your relationships at home, work, your community and spread out into the world at large.

This pledge is your message to your family, friends and community that you are willing to stand for peace in action. It is also designed to help you stay “centered” in these seemingly “uncertain” times and to carry you through your days with peace, compassion and right thinking.

The winds of change are blowing all around us. We are living in a time for all hands on deck. Depending on your perspective, you my experience great anxiety or great opportunity. Your thoughts, your words, your actions affect not only yourself but your children, and, the next 7 generations. Now more than ever, we are being called to take an active stand for peace.

Never think that what you do doesn’t matter. One act, practiced consistently, has the power to transform the world. All it takes is one baby step. And, another. And, another. And, the world is transformed.

So, today, the Million Mamas Movement invites you to put peace into practice in your life. Upload a video and say what you are a stand for. Choose 1 act and practice it for 30 days. Then choose another, and another, and so on  – put the pledge on your fridge or a mirror where you can see it every day. Share your pledge at:


MMM founder, Wendy Silvers, and her husband John

1. Share what you stand for with the world. 

A. Take a piece of cardboard, write down what you stand for.
B. Hold it in front of you and take a photo or video using your smartphone or computer.
C.Invite your friends to get involved, too.
D. Upload it to:
E. Your video and/or picture may be uploaded to the Million Mamas Movement website.

Here are some things you could say:

I stand for love in my family
I stand for breaking the cycle of violence in my family
I stand for every child safe, fed, housed, clothed, loved, educated and celebrated
I stand for clean food, clean air and clean water
I stand for meditation
I stand for reaching out my hand to another who needs help
I stand for all girls being educated
I stand for boys learning non-violent strategies to address conflict
I stand for equal rights
I stand for girls having reproductive rights
I stand for the dissolution of gender bias
I stand for the end of human trafficking
I stand for women birthing as they wish
I stand for the end of bullying and harassment
I stand for a justice system that is just
I stand for a political system that is for the people
I stand for education that is inspiring
I stand for the end of war

2I commit to (#) daily acts of peace: (all simple acts of kindness)

  • Be aware of your words, they have power.
  • Start a meditation practice – sitting, walking, moving
  • Join with others in taking moments of silence for peace
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Sit and breathe deeply
  • Hugging your child “just because”
  • Holding the door open for another
  • Say “I apologize” before the other person you think owes you an apology does
  • Forgive (yourself and others)
  • Bringing groceries to a friend in need
  • Helping a stranger
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen
  • Creating a foundation that serves people in need
  • Giving to others without looking to get in return
  • Let someone know how much they’ve touched your life
  • Cultivate a gratitude practice – BE GRATEFUL
  • Learn and practice compassionate communication
  • VOTE

3. Make a CHANGE instead of talking about one!

  • Get arts back into education
  • Enlist your neighbors in creating a community garden
  • Start a petition in your neighborhood to create change
  • Make your voice heard – Call your congressperson and local representative,
  • Teach compassionate communication – this is an important teaching to have in our homes, our schools, our workplaces – where we get to honor and respect another even when we don’t agree with what they’re saying
  • Just call and make your feelings known! (one person CAN make a difference)
  • Create a FUN event and INVITE your friends to raise Money for charitable organizations that do good works in your neighborhood & around the world
  • Practice compassionate communication – this is an important teaching to have in our homes, our schools, everywhere.
  • This is a practice where we get to honoring and respect another person even when we don’t agree with what they’re saying

4. Invite your friends to sign this pledge.

  • Have a Peacepledge check-in buddy
  • Involve your family in taking daily acts of peace
  • Have your children see you modeling peace in your home

5. Activate the philanthropist within you. Donate, whatever you can, to organizations doing good works in the world … there are many

The Million Mamas Movement (MMM) is dedicated to every women, every mama, every child thriving throughout the world. Its pathways include the teaching of  Compassionate Parenting and Communication, Universal Peace Principles and Empowerment/Leadership Skills

Our plan:

  • 1 and 2-day Compassionate Parenting and Communication seminars
  • Production and distribution of the Compassionate Parenting and Communication Handbook.
  • The completion of the documentary, “The Making of the Million Mamas Movement:Mamas on a Mighty Mission” (2 days filming, 4 days editing)
  • Daily operational costs and digital communications

By sharing this petition, we become pledge partners and a group agreement for greater peace on the planets becomes effective. Let’s do this together!

Upload a video/picture today:

For inquiries, email:

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