Oprah, please meet Sheila Lewis Ealey

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Dear Oprah ~
We love you! We love you because you are a maverick who encourages authenticity, boldness, spirit, faith, transcending adversity, lifting each other up, the importance of equality, education, transformation, generosity and philanthropy. For decades, you’ve introduced us to innovative and cutting edge ideas, new thought teachers and principles. You’ve opened our hearts, our minds and inspired us to be our best selves.

oprah3-school-horizontal-large-galleryBecause of your commitment to truth and children, Oprah, please meet Sheila Lewis Ealey. Sheila would like to dialogue with you about her son, Temple, and a risk that exists, which unless addressed, will endanger other young boys, especially, young boys of color.

Sheila Lewis Ealey, is the mother of Temple, a beautiful boy, who was severely vaccine injured by the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine when he was 12 months old. Sheila stars in the documentary, Vaxxed:from Cover-up to Catastrophe, which has become an international phenomenon, and she has some information for you.

Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe is the film that Robert DeNiro and his wife, Grace Hightower, parents of an 18-year old son who is autistic due to vaccine injury, wanted to see screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. In a cosmic twist of fate, the very deselection of Vaxxed by the Tribeca Film Festival, turned what was “a must see” film into a, “have to see” film. Despite being pressured to remove Vaxxed from the Tribeca Film festival roster, film festival co-founder, Mr. DeNiro is a supporter of the film. He maintains that the movie is something that people should see and contends that journalists should be doing more investigative work into the issues that Vaxxed raises regarding the ingredients and risks of current vaccines to children’s well-being. He said,”let’s just find out the truth.” Mr. DeNiro has since revealed that he is working on a documentary about vaccines with Harvey Weinstein

At a recent screening of Vaxxed in Compton, California, Sheila Lewis Ealey spoke passionately about the revelations of CDC Senior Scientist and whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, his participation in the intentional cover up by the CDC of the risks that the MMR vaccine poses to young African-American boys under the age of 36mos. She invited those present to “Get off the Bus!”

“From the school to the prison pipeline,” is a social engineering term used to describe the systemic predictors of pushing our nations’s children from schools into incarceration. This affects young boys and men of color, predominantly. Upon closer inspection, it appears that a parallel may exist with the mandate vaccine madness sweeping the United States as boys are at higher risk to regression of autism than girls. In this case, the prison is vaccine injury. 

A national conversation needs to be had about vaccine truth and vaccine safety. Oprah, will you engage in dialogue with Sheila Lewis Ealey? Please contact us. Our children’s health matters. Our children need you. 

Thank you!

Wendy Silvers is a Transformational teacher and speaker.

She is the creator of the World Peace Begins at Home series, a Mother’s Empowerment Coach, Author, and founder of the Million Mamas Movement.

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