"Mama" Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers

"DalaiMama" Wendy Silvers

“Mama” Wendy Silvers


Wendy Silvers is a Dalai Mama, a Truth-teller, an Agape Transformational Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Sacred Activist. She coaches women in claiming and activating the sovereign and Divine Feminine Power of the Mother as global change-makers and leaders, and, ensuring that all children thrive.

While a PR executive who implemented strategic pr campaigns that brought high visibility to many high profile celebrities and projects, Wendy had the first of many spiritual awakenings. She was inspired to step away from the entertainment industry, dive deep into spiritual growth and transformation, and craft a career in which she could marry her expertise with marketing and pr, her intuitive gifts to mine others’ greatness, with her spiritual training and advocacy for women, mothers, children, and the human family. She is a published author in the International Bestseller, Balance for Busy Moms, a blogger for Huffington Post and online publications, a Parenting Coach and founder of the Million Mamas Movement. For the past 29 years Wendy has been immersed in the 12-Step Recovery Movement, Nonviolent Parent coaching, Spiritual Growth and Transformation, and Business mentoring.

She is based in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and amazing teenager.

“Wendy’s commitment to bringing peace to our world through mothering is divinely inspired. Her ability to lead women through personal transformation will help heal the world.”
~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center, Author, Teacher

“Wendy is the Jay-Z of Prayer.”
~ Gabby Bernstein, Motivational Speaker,  Author

“I am so thrilled that there are so many dedicated women who are spearheading the Conscious Parenting Revolution with me. Wendy Silvers is one of them. Wendy is warm, insightful and committed to this work. I am sure you will learn so much from her.”
~ Dr. Shefali Tsabary,
Author, Conscious Parenting and Out of Control

Work with Wendy:

Ignite your Inner Dalai Mama: The Feminine Design for Living;
Buhbye Shame Hello Shine;
The Rise of the Power of the Mother to Restore humanity in our world
Parenting is Love Activism;
Co-Parenting Peacefully
– The 5 Pathways to Cultivate the Compassionate Heart

To have Wendy speak at your event, click here.

Dalai Mama in Business –
The Feminine Design of Business for Soul-centered women.
Branding: YOU, your business, your book, your event. Visibility, Publicity, Social Media, Product Launches. One-on-one coaching and programs. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Spiritual Midwifery VIP Coaching
a 2-3 hour VIP session with 3 follow up sessions. Wendy leads individuals and groups through processes to activate the highest and greatest vision for their lives, relationships and business. A personalized Treasure map is created for individuals. Marketing, Branding, Tag-line, and Strategic planning for businesses follows. Click here. to schedule an appointment.

Mindful Parenting & Connected Communication Series –
Wendy facilitates a 6, 8 or 10 week series in which parents, caregivers and educators are presented with a new paradigm of compassion and empathy in connection with children. Parenting without punishments, eliminate power struggles, make peace with the way you were parented. She is a certified Echo Parenting educator.  Click here. to schedule an appointment. 

Heart-centered Life passage ceremonies 
Weddings, Baby, office, and home blessings, Coming of age ceremonies.
click here. to schedule an appointment with Wendy, 

Spiritual Practitioner/Therapist sessions – 
One-on-one sessions in which the application of Universal principles is applied to everyday situations. Turbocharge your life. Click here. to schedule an appointment, 

Psychic/spiritual medium readings –
Divine wisdom and connection with guides and loved ones who have transitioned. Click here to schedule an appointment. 

Hypnotherapy – 
Cellular release of deep-rooted beliefs, habits and behaviors that block you from living a joyous, prosperous life. Click here to schedule an appointment. 

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