100 Naked Women Flood the 2016 RNC

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DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that there is photo of naked women in this post.

In response to the ongoing misogynist comments by Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and the disregard of women by many of his followers, photographer Spencer Turick, had an inspired idea for creative activism. He put out a nationwide call for participants to sign up to pose nude at the 2016 Republican National Convention in a photo shoot. The single requirement – they must all be women. He wanted to pay homage to women in the photoshoot, which he entitled, “Everything She Says Means Everything.” He received 1,800 responses and selected 100 women – all ages, stages, shapes, sizes, skin colors, and political affiliations.


In an interview with the Cleveland Scene  earlier this year about this photo shoot, Turick was quoted as saying, “… The work is for my daughters, for their future, for them not to grow up in a society with hate, for them to grow up in a world with less violence toward women and more opportunities for them.” Below is a Tweet from him.

For our daughters,
I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing.

— Spencer Tunick (@SpencerTunick) May 11, 2016

 For full article by Priscilla Frank in Huffington Post, click 100 Sheroes just posed naked at the Republican National Convention

LindsayByres - NakedWomenRNC


When asked about why women were holding mirrors, Tunick said this, The mirrors communicate that we are a reflection of ourselves, each other, and of, the world that surrounds us. The woman becomes the future and the future becomes the woman.”  To read the full article, go HERE

100 naked women flooding the RNC was a bold statement. How powerful it is to see so many women moving in unison, strong, proud, naked . Do you think that his goal was accomplished through this peaceful protest? 

Click on Spencer Tunick to learn more his work and projects.



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