Mr. Trump – the children are watching

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 (excerpt from Huffington Post)
Wendy Silvers
The Awakened Mother and Parenting Coach


I have been a Mother’s Mentor and a Conscious, nonviolent parenting coach since 2004. It is my passion to help mothers embrace their purpose and immeasurable value, and to guide parents in learning nonviolent parenting skills. This allows them to grow confident, caring children amidst digital media overload.  It is my belief that the children are our now; they become our future. Our children inherit the world we create for them. When I look at the world these days, I think to myself, what are we passing on to these amazing children who are coming into the world and our lives?


What is the definition of violence? Anything that hurts or harms the body, mind and spirit of another living being verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually. We live in a predominantly power over patriarchal paradigm. The rise of the feminine cannot come too soon to balance what I see as the distorted masculine energies that have ravaged our beloved Mother Earth  … to read the entire article, Click HERE




Nicknamed Mama Wendy by her clients, Wendy Silvers is The Awakened Mother and Parenting Coach and Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Sacred Activist and Agape Transformational Life Coach. She is the founder of the Million Mamas Movement, a published co-author of the International bestselling book, Balance for Busy Moms, and blogger for Huffington Post and other sites. Wendy received the American Riviera Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014, has produced and hosted live events, spoken at Bhakti Fest, Birth 2012, Agape International Spiritual Center, Green Festival, and shared stages with Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Panache Desai, Shajen Joy, Sister Jenna and other visionaries. Wendy has decades of experience with the 12-Step Recovery Movement, Spiritual Counseling, Parent coaching, Human Development and Spiritual Growth, Entertainment PR and Sacred Activism. She is married and the mother to an amazing teenager.

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