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Let us honor this sacred path of Mothering and Parenting. Mamas are the spiritual heart of the home. That includes fathers who are mothering. There are many expressions of Mama in our culture today. You don’t have to have birthed a child to be a ‘Mama.’

This is the time for us to activate the Great, Universal Mothering energy so that we may transform our culture from one where violence seems to be the answer to a culture of peace and compassion. We’re talking global sisterhood, brotherhood, motherhood and fatherhood. Gather the mamas, transform the world.

This is our request to world leaders — 

The Constitution begins with We, the People. The Million Mamas Manifesto begins with ….

We, the Mamas, resolve to evolve ..

a world where motherhood is valued for the contribution it makes to society ..

a world where families are honored ..

a world where paid family leave exists beyond 6-weeks ..

a world where birth is gentle ..

a world where breastfeeding is supported ..

a world where single mothers live above poverty line ..

a world where education is available to boys and girls ..

a world where girls have reproductive freedom ..

a world where the justice system is just ..

a world where rehabilitation overrides the privatization of prisons ..

a world where girls and women have freedom over their bodies and lives ..

a world where every child is safe, fed, housed, clothed, loved, educated and celebrated .. Address one, we bump into the others ..

a world where compassionate, empathy-led parenting is taught in schools and is an integral part of all areas of our society ..

a world where we see every child as our child ..

a world where taking care of the children means taking care of the mamas ..

a world where men are an integral and invaluable part of caring for the women and children providing a container of love, support and action ..

a world where we  embrace our “seeming” differences with compassion and empathy ..

Imagine a million mamas, mothers and others, joining together for peace, inspiration and celebration. All of us gathering in a global movement to inspire, empower and engage mothers and others to bring greater peace to the planet for our children, ourselves and the next 7 generations. Let’s actively participate in the creation of a kind and just global society, where maternal well-being, women’s rights and children being fed, housed, clothed, educated and loved is as natural as breathing.

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