Million Mamas Manifesto

Gather the Mamas, Transform the World

The United States Constitution begins with We, the People .. except it didn’t include people of color, women, mothers or children. 

The Million Mamas Manifesto begins with .. We, the Mamas, Resolve to Evolve a world ..

~ where motherhood is valued for the immense contribution it makes to society ..

~ where taking care of the children begins with taking care of the mamas ..

~ where healthy families are honored and supported ..

~ where paid family leave extends beyond 6-weeks ..

~ where gentle birth is encouraged ..

~ where breastfeeding is supported ..

~ where single mothers live above poverty line ..

~ where girls and women have economic independence

~ where the air is clean and the water pure ..

~  where our land is not poisoned with pesticides and chemicals

~  where food is free of genetically modified organisms ..

~ where parents decide what goes into their children’s bodies, not the government ..

~ where education is available to boys AND girls ..

~ where girls and women have reproductive freedom ..

~ where acceptance exists regarding gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation

~ where the justice system is JUST ..

~ where rehabilitation is considered before prison ..

~ where people are valued over corporations ..

~ where compassionate parenting education is provided to all parents, caregivers and teachers

~ where education is dedicated to engaging and inspiring children to think creatively and originally ..

~ where men are empowered and encouraged to be an integral part of caring for the women and children, providing a container of love, support and action ..

~ a world where care and concern for humanity overrides political and economic agendas and gain ..

~ a world where Parental Rights supercedes political agendas and government intervention bar none ..

~ a world where legislation ensures that every woman, mama and child are safe, fed, housed, clothed, loved, educated and celebrated .. Address one, we bump into the others ..

~ a world where we see every child as our child ..

Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers

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