Mamas and Papas 4 Peace Pledge

Mamas & Papas 4 Peace Pledge

4 Steps to Peace-building

1.  PRINTMamas & Papas 4 Peace Pledge form

2.  SIGN (idea ~ post it where you can see it every day)


4.   SIGN UP:  Million Mamas Movement


MMM founder, Wendy Silvers, and her husband John

 In 2015, the winds of change are blowing all around us – that is why it is time to get involved with the Mamas & Papas 4 Peace Pledge.

We are living in a time for all hands on deck. Depending on your perspective, you my experience great anxiety or great opportunity. Your thoughts, your words, your actions affect not only yourself but your children –  and the next 7 generations. Now more than ever, we are being called to take an active stand for peace.

The ‘Mamas & Papas 4 Peace’ pledge began on September 21, 2012, International Day of Peace, with those who attended the Get On the Peace Train 2012 tele-summit. This pledge is an invitation to intentionally create a personal practice of peace in your daily life, which will improve your relationships at home, work, your community and spread out into the world at large.

This is your personal stand for peace in action. You can stay “centered” in these seemingly “uncertain” times. Never question whether what you do matters. One act, practiced consistently, has the power to transform the world. All it takes is one baby step. And, another. And, another. And, the world is transformed.

When you sign and upload your pledge, we become co-creative agents for social good. We become the game changers for greater peace on the planet. Let’s do this together!


Tha Peace Mob