The Harvey Weinstein Archetype

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October 23, 2017, Los Angeles,

“… In the wake of the New Yorker and New York Times expose of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault revelations and ensuing stories, let’s presence something. Myself, almost every woman, and some men, have experienced sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse. It is symptomatic of a bigger issue in our culture – violence against women, which bleeds into other issues – racism, ageism, sexism, patriarchy, and elitism. We have a golden opportunity for a massive shift when millions of “me, too” graphics from women and men are circulating on social media. Let’s be clear though: Disclosure is not resolution and an apology is not an amends. An amends is a recognition and acknowledgement of harms that were made and intentional, consistent actions to be different in words and behavior. Let’s heal this wounded archetype in the collective unconscious.” …



“… Are there safeguards that can be taken towards people when either their fame/power or status to affect another’s livelihood and well-being is equal to their blatant disregard for others, particularly women? What about factory workers who have to deal with lecherous bosses? ….  In my work, I hear mothers and parents say vehemently that they want their girls and boys to be the bosses of their bodies, for each to have a clear, “Yes,” and ”No,” and, for their boys to be able to hear the, “No.” Yet, how does a conscious parent raise considerate children when what tweens and teens see on social media, TV, and film, is the glamorization of fame, sex, violence and power: ………. Quid pro quo.”




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Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers, founder of the Million Mamas Movement, helps women and mamas lead with love, live mindfully, and thrive as divine feminine changemakers and influencers.She is a a spiritual activist, author, and blogger for The Huffington Post and other online sites.

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