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12 Steps to take if you are birthing your baby in a hospital and don’t want them vaccinated upon birth —

  1.  Hire a doula or have a birth advocate with you at the hospital who supports your wishes not to vaccinate your newborn baby
  2.  Labor at home for as long as possible before going to the hospital
  3.  Tell the Dr. that you want the umbilical cord to stop pulsing before cutting it (better for baby)
  4.  Write down your birth plan, have your doctor sign it, have it put on file 
  5.  Make a copy of the signed birth plan and have your birth advocate have it at the hospital
  6.  Be firm about your No to erythromycin eye ointment, Vit K and Hep B shots 
  7.  DO NOT let the nurses take your baby away from you at any time
  8.  Make sure that your partner or birth advocate goes wherever the baby goes and stays with you while you sleep
  9.  If you don’t co-sleep with the baby, make sure that your partner or birth advocate is with the baby when you’re sleeping
  10.  Have a lactation consultant help you with breastfeeding, if needed, rather than bottlefeeding
  11.  Stay strong — you might be pressured by the nursing staff to give your baby the Hep B shot
  12.  Breathe – when you’re this clear, you got this!

Congratulations! Enjoy your sweet baby and the grandest adventure in love!





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  1. Also, make sure that you (the Mom) have someone with you when you sleep, so that you don’t wake up to find yourself vaccinated. They can also watch the baby.

    Sad to say, but necessary.

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