Become a Million Mama and stand in your power as a changemaker

21 DAYS to R.O.C.K.YO MAMA SELF! starts Monday, November 11th

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Are you a mamapreneur, spiritual mama, artist-mama, stay-at-home mama, work- at-home mama, million dollar mama, rockin’ mama, mama on a mission, or a woman who wants to rock her mama-wisdom? › Do you fear that you may not be a “good enough” mother? › Would you like to be connected to other like-minded mamas? › Do you feel pressure to be SuperMama? …

Parenting As a Spiritual Practice- Starting this Saturday

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Creating a Culture of Peace, One Child, One Parent, One Heart at a Time Do you sometimes lose it with your children and then judge yourself as “not a good enough parent?” Would you like to raise confident, compassionate, empowered children? Would you like your children to grow up in a kind and just world where bullying and violence toward …

GLOBAL PEACE PRAYER for SYRIA – Livestream – Friday, Sept. 6th, 1:00 – 1:15 pm PT

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 Join Wendy Silvers, founder of Million Mamas Movement, as she leads a moment of silence, and a non-religious global peace affirmative prayer for the people of Syria. “We must access that fierce Mothering energy within and stand together to call forth a world of greater peace for ourselves, the children, and our children’s children!”     ~ Wendy Silvers

Hearts Broken Open – 7 Strategies to Heal our World

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After the shooting occurred in Newtown, Ct., I felt moved to write this piece. We may never know the why something like this happens. All we may have are strands of information and snippets of truth. We never know another souls’ journey really. Blessings to all who were involved in this tragic  event. Continue reading on The Huffington Post.

Women For Women

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Wonderful evening  Women For Women Please join me this Saturday, June 23rd, where I will be speaking at a wonderful event to benefit both Sojourn and Naam Yoga Therapies.  My topic: There’s NoThing wrong with YOU!  3 Keys to Living an Awakened Life

Million Mamas Movement

Million Mamas Movement – Every Child Safe ….

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When I first heard about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident, I knew I had to write something about it. I felt that it spoke to the inherent goals of the Million Mamas Movement. Please read. Million Mamas Movement – Every child safe …

Million Mamas Movement

Million Mamas Movement Loves Ellen DeGeneres

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Los Angeles, CA, February 10, 2012 – Wendy Silvers, the founder of the Million Mamas Movement, said today, “we are not One Million Moms and we have no affiliation with that organization. Silvers, a Los Angeles mom who has been teaching compassionate parenting practices for almost a decade, was recently inspired to create the Million Mamas Movement. It is a …

MILLION MAMAS MOVEMENT is NOT one million moms

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There’s a lot of million-ism happening with the title of many organizations lately. The organization I founded is the Million Mamas Movement, not to be confused with the organization one million moms. To that end, I wrote about peace and ending bullying and harassment called Peace and Love Are Verbs, Not Nouns that was published in the Huffington Post.