Balance for Busy Moms is an International Best-seller!! Get it Now!

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Balance for Busy Moms is an International Best-seller!!  Get it Now! It’s official — this brilliant compendium of information, resources, tips and tools is an International Best-Seller!! And, yours truly is one of its authors!! My chapter is: Rock Yo Mama Self: 4 Pathways to Activate your WOMB Wisdom. Are you a busy mama? Or, know one? Gift yourself or …

LindsayByres - NakedWomenRNC

100 Naked Women Flood the 2016 RNC

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  DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that there is photo of naked women in this post. In response to the ongoing misogynist comments by Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and the disregard of women by many of his followers, photographer Spencer Turick, had an inspired idea for creative activism. He put out a nationwide call for participants to sign up to pose nude at the 2016 Republican …


Serenity Now: Live Beyond any Sense of Limitation

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  Do current world events have you feeling SCARED about yours and your family’s safety? Do you have free floating ANXIETY about your health, relationships and money?  Do you find your heart and mind RACING when you think about what NEEDS to be done? Are you SEESAWING between FEAR and FAITH, ELATION and DESPAIR?   Would you like to experience more SERENITY and SANITY now? To define living PROSPEROUSLY beyond any sense of LIMITATION? Are you willing to …

Million Mamas Movement - Please stand with the Movement for Black Lives

Million Mamas Movement – Please stand with the Movement for Black Lives

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Beloved Million Mamas Community,  Today marks the 1-year Anniversary of Sandra Bland’s death. The Nation wrote an article on Sandra, which paints a sad yet realistic picture of what Sandra Bland and many African-Americans are experiencing in Texas. We hear more about the men than the women, however, the #sayhername project continues to track the high incidence of black females murdered. According to an article in Huffington …


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Vaccine Program

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Excerpt from Vaccine Impact article on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.. Corporate Philanthropy & the Gates Foundation: Global Vaccine Program Conflicts of Interest by Rishma Parpia The Vaccine Reaction     Accountability and Conflicts of Interest Concerns have been raised regarding the foundation’s lack of accountability and conflicts of interest with multinational corporations. Although the BMGF spends only 5% of …


Oprah, please meet Sheila Lewis Ealey

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Dear Oprah ~ We love you! We love you because you are a maverick who encourages authenticity, boldness, spirit, faith, transcending adversity, lifting each other up, the importance of equality, education, transformation, generosity and philanthropy. For decades, you’ve introduced us to innovative and cutting edge ideas, new thought teachers and principles. You’ve opened our hearts, our minds and inspired us to be our best …


Stand with us on July 1 – 2nd Annual Health Freedom Rally and Candlelight Vigils

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Million Mamas Movement proudly hosts the 2nd Annual Health Freedom Rally and Candlelight Vigil  on July 1, the day that  SB277, the mandatory vaccine law, becomes enacted in California. Stand with us for Health Freedom! The Rally will occur on the steps of City Hall in Santa Monica, from 4-6, with powerful speakers and performers.  A candlelight vigil from 8-9pm follows to commemorate …

Amma quote

Divine Mother Spiritual Activism

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“Transforming the world is not just the responsibility of a few sages and seers. To create a better world is the responsibility of every one of you. In this struggle for survival; innocence, love and values are being lost. It is you who has to uphold these values. Do not consider yourself to be ordinary beings. Each one of you …