Balance for Busy Moms is an International Best-seller!! Get it Now!

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Balance for Busy Moms is an International Best-seller!!  Get it Now! It’s official — this brilliant compendium of information, resources, tips and tools is an International Best-Seller!! And, yours truly is one of its authors!! My chapter is: Rock Yo Mama Self: 4 Pathways to Activate your WOMB Wisdom. Are you a busy mama? Or, know one? Gift yourself or …

What do Ego, Humility and Awakened Beings say?

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             Wendy Silvers is a Transformational Leader and Coach,  Inspirational Speaker, and Spiritual Activist. An Agape practitioner and mentee of Michael Bernard Beckwith, Wendy is a highly sought after teacher, speaker and pray-er. After stepping away from her work as a top entertainment publicist, Wendy dove into spiritual growth and personal transformation. She  engages her clairvoyant …

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Divine Mother Spiritual Activism

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“Transforming the world is not just the responsibility of a few sages and seers. To create a better world is the responsibility of every one of you. In this struggle for survival; innocence, love and values are being lost. It is you who has to uphold these values. Do not consider yourself to be ordinary beings. Each one of you …


Vaxxed PREMIERES at Angelika Theater, NYC, April 1

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If you care about our children and our children’s children, RUN, don’t walk to see, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, a powerful, new film that reveals factual information about corruption, greed, lies and the impact it has had and may still have on our children. This is the film that Robert DeNiro wanted screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. But his sponsors didn’t. VAXXED: …


Official Statement from Andrew Wakefield after DeNiro pulls Vaxxed from Tribeca Film Festival

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Timeline of  Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe and Tribeca Film Festival: Monday, March 21, the Tribeca Film Festival announced that, Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe, directed by Andy Wakefield and produced by Del Bigtree, will have its premiere in Tribeca Talks.    Friday, March 25, Festival co-founder, Robert DeNiro, after being besieged by naysayers attacking the Festival and him for their decision to screen this …

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Mediocrity Always Attacks Excellence

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I once heard the statement that, “mediocrity always attacks excellence,” from my mentor, Michael Bernard Beckwith. I’m seeing this statement evidenced live and in living color. The prestigious Tribeca Film Festival announced on Monday, March 21, that, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, a powerful documentary directed by Andy Wakefield, would screen in the Tribeca Talks series. Wakefield is the British gastrointerologist, falsely accused of starting …


Soul Astrologer Mark Borax breaks down Year of the Monkey

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Surging Change in the Jungle: Year of the Monkey Painting by Josephine Wall   At 9:39 a.m. eastern U.S. time, Monday, February 8, we leave the Sheep and enter the Year of the Monkey, a shift that will shake mass consciousness to the core.   The most striking quality of the U.S. presidential race  is how straight-faced the policies of hate …

Investigator questions the Relationship between Physicians and the Pharmaceutical Industry

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(Harvard Law Today) … In the first lecture of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics series, Paul Thacker, an investigative journalist and former U.S. Senate Finance Committee staffer, said that big pharmaceutical dollars not only own physicians but also many prominent medical school faculty who are paid to lobby for drugs. “There’s this sort of idea—an implied understanding—that doctors …

MMM hosts Trace Amounts and Bought Screenings; Wendy Silvers joins panel at Conscious Life Expo

MMM hosts Trace Amounts & Bought Screenings; Vaccine Truth panel at Conscious Life Expo

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Wendy Silvers and Invite you to attend a Screening of Friday February 19 Trace Amounts 8pm – Screening 9:45 – Q&A Eric Gladen, Trace Amounts filmmaker Beth Clay, Washington, DC Political strategist and Activist Free with Friday day pass After recovering from a sickness that would bring him to the edge of despair, Trace Amounts filmmaker, Eric Gladen, began researching …