Balance for Busy Moms is an International Best-seller!! Get it Now!

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Balance for Busy Moms is an International Best-seller!!  Get it Now!

1965057_567861576655267_1968951353_nIt’s official — this brilliant compendium of information, resources, tips and tools is an International Best-Seller!!
And, yours truly is one of its authors!! My chapter is:
Rock Yo Mama Self: 4 Pathways to Activate your WOMB Wisdom.

Are you a busy mama? Or, know one? Gift yourself or someone you know with this book. You’ll both be so happy you did. Mother’s Day is every day! 


~ Wendy Silvers, Spiritual Midwife, Helping Moms Birth and Earth their Visions onto BEing,
and Founder of the Million Mamas Movement




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