Awakened Mothers are Powerful!

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Did you watch the Presidential debates this evening? I call them scary reality tv. We strive to teach our children to be kind to one another and yet every time there’s an electoral process, we see candidates bullying and engaging in power over behaviors like they’re slugging it out in the sandbox. Unless you unplug from media, you will be bombarded with images, opinions and projections on a continual loop. 

If you’re a mom, like me, or are mothering children, perhaps you, too, contemplate what kind of future will our children have. The election is weeks away.  I do all that I can to be the kind of woman my daughter and her friends will remember as an Awakened Mother. Some of the qualities of an Awakened Mother include being aware, loving, engaged, takes action accordingly, emotionally present, and more that will be discussed in the class.

Mothering is HEART work.
You don’t need to go it alone, to power through


An Awakened Mother does have Super Powers. I’m not talking about perfectionism; I’m talking about being real. There is a unique brilliance that is our essence. We are unstoppable and powerful! We are precious jewels. We make sure that every mother’s child is taken care of! We gather to educate, celebrate and mourn! I have learned personally and, as a coach, how vital and necessary it is to have a facilitator help guide us on our path, whatever that path may be. Going it alone is an outdated paradigm – we go and grow together or we perish.

When my daughter was younger, I used to jokingly warn her that I was about to become Ogre Mama when I could feel my patience wearing very thin. There were moments when I thought I was the worst mom in the world. I felt tired, irritable, uncertain, stressed and was convinced that I would psychologically damage her somehow someway with my frustrations. And then when I was centered, I was OM Mama. Now that she’s a teenager, I feel it is important to continue to model authenticity and self-expression along with a lot of goofing around. The stakes are pretty high. Being a mother is one of the most soulful, demanding and rewarding paths I’ve chosen to walk. It is truly a spiritual practice.  I give myself permission to be where I am, the freedom to choose the thoughts I think and words I speak, create a harmonious environment and to have the humility to make amends when I am off. If anyone thinks that being a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom is not really working, they probably haven’t done it. My respect for single moms. full-time working moms and moms of children with special needs, soared when I became a mom and was in school and building my business at the same.


Being an Awakened Mother requires being present and, at times, putting the needs of your amazing child before yours. It calls forth an aspect of giving and loving that is very expansive. However, there can be a tendency for some mothers to hide behind their family’s needs, depending on the circumstances, because they’re just not sure that their needs matter or how to meet their needs. There must be a give-and-take about the needs of your loved ones and yours. Otherwise, suppressing your needs can leave you feeling burnt out, resentful, irritated, lost, and most definitely, Ogre Mama. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

  • Do you feel DISCONNECTED from your yourself and your loved ones?
  • Does the VISION for your life seem like a Pipe Dream?
  • Would you like to be on the Same Page with your co-parent and CO-PARENT PEACEFULLY?
  • Is your inner voice a CRITICAL, JUDGMENTAL, or MEAN parent?

If you answered YES to any of those questions,
Join me Monday, October 10, 10am PDT/1pm EDT
for the Special NO COST
The Awakened Mother class – Step into YOUR Super Power*
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In this Awakened Mother class – Step into YOUR Super Power, you will:

  • Be guided through a process that will reconnect you with your Vision
  • Learn the Super Power qualities of an Awakened Mother
  • Carry a sense of Calm, Centered Confidence into your Mothering and other activities
  • Tap into your Abundant nature 



If you would like to Step into YOUR Super Power
Please join me Monday, October 10, 10am PDT/1pm EDT
for the Awakened Mother class – Step into YOUR Super Power




Wendy has been my biggest teacher and support as a mom. She’s helped transform my parenting and me into the kind of mom I’ve always wanted to be. Harriet J., Happy Homemaker

World Peace begins at Home gave us a new lens into a different type of parenting and our ability to make clear distinctions as to what it was and what it isn’t, which gave us a strong foundation to put it in practice. W
e could not have gotten there without Wendy’s support and deep commitment and love. W
endy’s approach is free of judgment. She listens. She cares and she creates a safe environment that fosters community, compassion and self growth.  
Katie & Patrick

I am so thrilled that there are so many dedicated women who are spearheading the Conscious Parenting Revolution with me. Wendy Silvers is one of them. Wendy is warm, insightful and committed to this work. I am sure you will learn so much from her. ~ Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author, The Awakened Family, Conscious Parenting and Out of Control

I cannot thank you enough for the gift of freedom that you gave me in our session yesterday.   The old story has given way to pure bliss. Your tender guidance helped me to let go of an ancient energetic in my gut. I am free. I am unlimited.  Jennifer Ruth Russell, Mama, Spiritual Mentor, Singer/Songwriter

Wendy Silvers helped me at a time when I could not help myself. As a busy Mompreneur, Coach and Mentor to many, it was time for me to receive. Several months back I had an issue that I just could not see the light around. Wendy helped me tremendously to heal deeply around some many decades old wounds that I was unconsciously carrying. Her compassion and wisdom facilitated powerful transformation in how I see myself and the world around me. I am forever grateful for her love, support and care during a very dark time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Wendy!  Stephanie Dawn, Mama, Sacred Business Mentor

Wendy’s commitment to bringing peace to our world through mothering is pure, true, and divinely inspired. Her ability to lead women through personal transformation will help heal the world. ~ Michael Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center


Nicknamed Mama Wendy by her clients, Wendy Silvers is a Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, The Awakened Mother and Parenting Coach,  Sacred Activist and Agape practitioner. She is the founder of the Million Mamas Movementa published co-author of the International bestselling book, Balance for Busy Moms, blogger for Huffington Post and other sites. In 2014, Wendy received the American Riviera Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award She has produced and hosted live events with over 500 attendees, spoken at Bhakti Fest, Birth 2012, Agape International Spiritual Center, Green Festival, and shared stages with Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Panache Desai, Shajen Joy, Sister Jenna and other visionaries. Wendy has decades of experience in the 12-Step Recovery Movement, Spiritual Counseling, Parent coaching, Human Development and Spiritual Growth, Entertainment PR and Sacred Activism. She is married and the mother to an amazing teenager.  

Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers, founder of the Million Mamas Movement, helps women and mamas lead with love, live mindfully, and thrive as divine feminine changemakers and influencers.She is a a spiritual activist, author, and blogger for The Huffington Post and other online sites.

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