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peace, wendy silvers, million mamas movementThe Million Mamas Movement (MMM) is dedicated to empowering mothers, building healthy families and communities, and creating a culture of peace. It is a grassroots, global movement to educate and empower mothers and others to unify and exercise their innate maternal power through advocacy to create policies and programs that provide freedom and safety for women and children.

Mothering is universal – the qualities of nurturing, compassion and generosity are intrinsic to everyone – whether we are championing a child, a cause, an idea, a business or a movement. Throughout the world mothers have these same desires for their children. “We, the mamas, resolve to evolve a world where every child is safe, fed, housed, clothed, loved, educated and celebrated.”

Wendy Silvers, Mama Wisdom Teacher, is the founder and visionary of the Million Mamas Movement, and a Spiritual Midwife of Consciousness who helps women birth and earth their visions into being. A practitioner of Mindfulness, the inspiration that birthed the Million Mamas Movement emerged one morning after she had completed her Visioning practice. Wendy’s inner inquiry of, “How may I be of greater service to mothers and children around the world? How may I be a greater beneficial presence on the planet? How may I bring more peace to my life and the lives of others?” She recognized that mothers are unstoppable, yet are not supported in igniting their inner power and value as the ones who influence the world through their mothering. What greater contributions to the future of the world is there than through our children? Compelled from within to gather mothers and others to stand in their immeasurable power, Wendy founded the Million Mamas Movement, which seeks to empower mothers and ensure that all mothers and all children thrive globally. The invitation is to infuse their lives with the Great Mother energy that the Dalai Lama speaks of into partnering, mothering, parenting and social justice. As a mother, she wanted to make sure that mothers thrive, and that her daughter and all girls everywhere receive education and have power of choice over their bodies. All children should know their strength and power and their economic and educational opportunities. As a parenting educator, Wendy strives to have compassionate, empathy-led parenting available to all parents and educators. The power of Julia Ward Howe’s original Mother’s Day Proclamation encapsulated all that Wendy was feeling.

The MMM is a virtual and live village, committed to empowering mothers and to providing tools to parents so that their families flourish. It is also about activating and harnessing the unstoppable, innate Universal Mother power within mothers and others that says we want our children and ourselves to have a world that is sustainable and we’re not accepting anything less. “We, the Mamas, resolve to evolve” … is the beginning of the Million Mamas Manifesto. Every woman, especially the mamas, but not excluding the papas, supported, and the children, safe, fed, housed, loved, clothed, educated and celebrated. Clean air, clean food, clean water is a must. Address one and we bump into the others.” Evolving motherhood, fatherhood and familyhood -the global family. The MMM offers programs that teach Universal Peace Principles, Compassionate Parenting & Communication and Leadership/Empowerment Skills.

amriteshAnyone—woman or man—who has the courage to overcome the limitations of the mind can attain the state of universal motherhood. The love of awakened motherhood is a love and compassion felt not only towards one’s own children, but towards all people, animals and plants, rocks and rivers—a love extended to all of Nature, all beings. Indeed, to a woman (or man) in whom the state of true motherhood has awakened, all creatures are her children. This love, this motherhood, is Divine Love—and that is God.  ~ Amma, the Hugging Saint

Our focus:

Transform bullying and brutality against one another into a culture of peace through advocacy and the application of peace principles.

The Goals of the Million Mamas Movement are to cultivate:

Mothers standing in their immense value and power as forces for good in the world

A world where we acknowledge that all children are our children and care for them

A culture where all girls have access to education, reproductive rights and freedom over their bodies

The Compassionate Communication program taught to educators and practiced in schools

Compassionate Communication toolkits available to families

Policies created and upheld that support the women thriving

>We will accomplish these goals through providing advocacy, programs, Compassionate Communication Toolkits, creating policy and MMM councils:

  • Million Mamas Council – an international, intergenerational alliance of peace emissaries
  • Million Mamas Circles – ongoing local circles that meet and address personal and global issues with a monthly tele-call with Wendy Silvers
  • Million Mamas Youth Council – an international youth group who will address issues that affect them and their future.

A Million Mamas Manifesto for women’s and children’s rights will be presented to world leaders.

The inaugural Million Mamas Movement Mother’s Day Peace Gathering 2012 event was live-streamed from Los Angeles. This event kicked off the Million Mamas Movement and featured speakers Michael Beckwith, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Gurmukh and others.

Wendy was deeply inspired by Julia Ward Howe’s historical yet timely Mother’s Day proclamation to end the ravages of war. She was further inspired to expand on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s declaration that, “Western women will save the world.” Wendy believes it is mothers and others who will transform our world, one mama at a time.

Thus, the Million Mamas Movement is committed to global transformation through creating an inclusive international alliance of mothers and others. Resolve to evolve a world of greater peace, where every child and person is safe, fed, housed, clothed, loved, educated and celebrated. We hold strong to the vision of a kind and just global society in which mamas and children have a safe and prosperous future.

The Millions Mamas Movement™ is an alumni Creative Activist Project  of Creative Visions Foundation, a publicly supported 501 (c)(3), which supports Creative activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world. All donations are tax deductible.

Please visit, participate, share, donate, and become an MMM Ambassador, contact info@millionmamasmovement.org.

 “Wendy’s commitment to bringing peace to our world through mothering is pure, true and divinely inspired. Her ability to guide women through personal transformation will heal hearts around the world.”~Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center