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A Conversation That Will Heal the World by Natalie Kling

My dearest women,

Are you hearing the call? Are you feeling the urgency? Is your heart pounding with the anticipation of a major shift?

You are indeed being called to the most important task of you life.

You are being called to recognize that the mayhem and insanity of our world, can be healed by you.

If we are to see peace in our lifetimes, then we best get busy recognizing the greatness within ourselves. We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for. It is time to reach into the depths of our hearts and stand for the love, the compassion, the creativity, the wisdom and the fearlessness that is already there. It is time to look in the mirror and see the goddess that knows enough, has studied enough, has experienced enough to say, “Enough!”

YOU are the leader that will bring us out of despair. You are the powerhouse, the healer, the inspiration we need to come together. You must take a stand so that the women around you will have the courage to stand up too.

The only problem with the world is the problem within you and me that makes us think we are not enough. Every atrocity at every level is because somebody has forgotten who they are. They believe the doubts and the fears within themselves and so they take down the ones around them.

We do it, too, everyday, in smaller, perhaps more passive ways. And everyday we risk the possibilities being expressed in another because we are convincing people that we are not the most brilliant, gorgeous, intelligent, creative beings on the planet, and neither are they.

Wrong! We ARE in fact full of light and joy and unbridled passion and we know it. So live it. Be it. Exemplify it. Live as if everything you do and say is God speaking to God. Infuse love into every dull and fascinating moment of your life.

But, you say, there are good reasons to be upset, unhappy, depressed, frustrated, tired, sick, afraid. I know. Stand up ANYWAY! We are not being called to be perfect, or unscathed. We are being called to stand up with all our flaws and scars and vulnerabilities and failures and mistakes, because we know that these are necessary to be whole, to be complete, to be real, to be a strong woman who is ready to let go.

It’s not a time to count our losses. We’ve done that. It’s time to believe that we are more than all that. So much more. That we have access to all the healing, all the wisdom, all the love and all the comfort we need. We must commit to whatever practices will get us there. And get there! Fast!

When we stand for our light and the power we have to love and forgive and create, then we stand for that same power in each other. When we stand united in our greatness and possibility dear sisters, then we stand for our men, and for our children to do the same. And when we stand for long enough, with enough of our sisters and brothers and humanity, then we can have a new conversation. A conversation worth having. A conversation that will give us the ride of our lives, that will fill us with the joy, the freedom, and the deep fulfillment we’ve been seeking. A conversation that will heal the world.

With great love,




Natalie Kling

Natalie is a mother, wife and nutritionist.She is driven to effect meaningful change in the world by taking a stand for the brilliance within each person. She lives and teaches nutrition as a spiritual practice.To learn about how Natalie can help you, please visit her website:

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