4 Stepping Stones to R O C K Yo Mama Self- FREE WEBINAR- Thursday, May 1st, 10 am PT

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As I’ve matured emotionally and spiritually, (an ongoing process), I have learned that when things don’t go the way I “think” they “should,” there’s an opportunity for something greater to be revealed. I just got to live that out.

Last week, after the end of the 4 Stepping Stones to ROCK Yo Mama Self Webinar, I accidentally deleted the replay. Crazy, right? Naturally, I received emails from more women who said that due to their schedules, they weren’t able to jump on the live webinar and I was asked, “did I have a replay?” To which I replied, “welll, I accidentally deleted it.” I humbly acknowledge that learning to balance all the spinning plates is part of my spiritual practice. I absolutely practice what I teach.

I took this experience into meditation, one of my go-to tools for clarity and direction, and have decided to offer this webinar again this week. I also felt inspired to retool the content, which feels really good.

I sincerely know that once you say YES to yourself attending the webinar, the Universe will support your intention. It always supports your intentions. If you would like to receive this information and absolutely can’t attend the live webinar, please make sure to register below so that you’ll receive the replay. I will not be deleting it this time. 🙂

Til then,

Peace and many blessings, Wendy



Thursday, May 1st

10 am PT | 1 pm ET


Calling all: Mamas on a mission, Mamapreneurs, Wisdomkeeper mamas, Goddess mamas, Spiritual mamas, Sassy mamas, Mid-life mamas, Artistmamas, Mam-Activists, Visionary mamas, Stay-at-home mamas, Work-at-home mamas, Million dollar mamas, all Mamas, including ‘Mamas’ without children .. are you ready to ROCK Yo Mama Self?


  • Do you feel restless, anxious and dissatisfied with where you are in your life?

  • Do you believe that it’s “too hard” to practice compassion and be successful?

  • Would you like to replace feeling exhausted with feeling energized?

  • Would you like your intuitive mama-wisdom to translate into inspired action?


If you answered YES to any of these questions,

join Million Mamas Movement founder and Spiritual Midwife,

Wendy Silvers


The 4 Stepping Stones to R O C K Yo Mama Self!

In this 60-minute complimentary webinar, Wendy will break down:

  • The 4 stepping stones
  • Universal strategies to experience sustainable prosperity while practicing self-care and growing confident, caring children (applicable whether parent or not)

  • Tangible tools for time management, balance and self-care
  • A surprise announcement

You will leave the webinar feeling nurtured and nourished.

“Wendy Silvers helped me at a time when I could not help myself. As a busy Mompreneur, Coach and Mentor to many, it was time for me to receive. Several months back I had an issue that I just could not see the light around. Wendy helped me tremendously to heal deeply around some many decades old wounds that I was unconsciously carrying. Her compassion and wisdom facilitated powerful transformation in how I see myself and the world around me. I am forever grateful for her love, support and care during a very dark time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Wendy!” ~ Stephanie Dawn, Mother, Sacred Birth Visionary and Prosperity Mentor


Wendy’s commitment to bringing peace to our world through mothering is divinely inspired. Her ability to lead women through personal transformation will heal the planet.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center



“I am very grateful to Wendy Silvers and her guidance. She has helped me to get organized and stay positive while dealing with the single parenting life.” ~ Fabiana Medici


IMG_2844Wendy Silvers is a mama, wife, and the founder of the Million Mamas Movement, an organization dedicated to all women, particularly mamas, and all children thriving globally. She blends the secular and the spiritual as a Spiritual Midwife offering ageless wisdom and practical guidance to mothers who hunger to express their inner genius, raise compassionate, confident children and grow spiritually. Wendy is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner/Therapist, author, Inspirational Speaker and Coach. She draws upon many years as a former celebrity publicist to help women birth and earth their dreams and visions into Be-ing. Wendy knows the steps to experience sustainable prosperity and the strategies necessary to navigate the pressures and responsibilities of balancing fame with family and self-care. This is especially true when one feels they are here on a mission. She is a co-author of the International bestseller, Balance for Busy Moms, http://amzn.to/1gjxGgn, and is a contributor to the Huffington Post and other publications. She is the director of the Agape Parenting Ministry and a certified Echo Parenting Educator. Wendy is a Compassionate Parenting & Communication Coach guiding parents in partnering and parenting with compassion and connection. Since 1984, Wendy has immersed herself in the fields of psychology, spirituality, 12-step recovery, transformation and parenting. Email: wendy@millionmamasmovement.org

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Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers, founder of the Million Mamas Movement, helps women and mamas lead with love, live mindfully, and thrive as divine feminine changemakers and influencers.She is a a spiritual activist, author, and blogger for The Huffington Post and other online sites.

Contact her directly: wendy@millionmamasmovement.org
Wendy Silvers
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