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Mothers ~ and Women ~ are the HEART
of the home and the world!


When the women are cared for, the children are cared for.
Women are the heart and soul of the world
Mothers are the heart and soul of the family.

The Million Mamas Movement is comprised of Women and Mothers ~ every age, every stage, every shade, every faith ~ collaborating with each other, embracing and engaging their power as humanitarians, activators, co-creators, influencers and change-makers who feel called to create impact in their families, communities and the world. Women linking arms with each other around the globe and ensuring that girls, women, mothers and children rights are in place in practice and policy. 

The Million Mamas Movement is dedicated to empowering women, especially mothers, in several areas – self-care, personal development and empowerment, economic freedom, and providing education regarding legislation that affects women, mothers and girls. The children inherit the world we create. What is the legacy that we will leave our children and the next 7 generations? From all corners of the world, the Universe is calling the feminine to RISE! Will you RISE with us?