A Global Flashmob for International Day of Peace 2014
Get Yo Dance On for Peace!


If we are to have lasting peace in the world, we must first transform how women, children and families are treated. We must care for Mama Earth, too.

~ Wendy Silvers


In August 2011, I heard a whisper on my heart that turned into a roar …. it said, gather a million mothers and others to unite globally in service to mamas and children thriving everywhere. The MMM celebrates the Great Mother energy within everyone, and, especially the fierce power of mothers. There is also an unstoppable power within mamas to move mountains when they find their voice, harness their strength and stand together.

Peace, Love, Freedom, Compassion, Kindness, Community, Social justice and Social change are the imperatives of the Million Mamas Movement. This Universal call for all ‘mamas’ to come together would not stop ringing in my head and heart! It continues to this day.

Since the beginning of time, women have come together in circles to: pass on wisdom, tell the truth, share stories of thriving beyond challenges, empower each other and to champion causes that benefit their children. When mothers are taken care of, our children thrive. 

Your voice matters – let’s access it and use it. Now is the time for all Mamas to activate their innate power as creators and transformers around the globe. We hold the seed of evolution! 


MMM founder, Wendy Silvers, is interviewed by Women For One’s founder

MAMAS – We have immeasurable power to change the world for our children and our children’s children We are our children’s first teacher – what shall we teach them?

mama and baby


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