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 Million Mamas Movement stands for the
transforming power of Mother Love! 

Mothering Ourselves, our Children, our World!
The Soul of the Mother

Every mama, whether by birth or choice, and every child –
Safe, fed, house, clothed, loved, educated and celebrated 
 ~ every age, stage,  shade, faith ~ taking actions that ensure that women, mothers and children live in a world with:
clean air, food, water, medicine, progressive education, choice, equality and freedom. We activate our potential, work from the inside out, learn how to take effective actions and address issues that affect women, mothers, and children through personal growth programs, educational events, and social/political engagement.

Women hold the future of the world in their hearts, hands, and wombs!
Mothers are the heart and soul of the family


The Million Mamas Movement provides a container of personal growth and empowerment, education, and political advocacy to mothers and those who mother.  NOW is the time to be all in for themselves and the children. The children inherit the world we create. What is the legacy that we will leave our children and the next 7 generations?