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Together we are paving the way to lasting peace in the world, improving the way that all mamas, children and families are treated, and, the way that all mothers treat themselves is being transformed!  It is up to us to ensure that the world our children inhabit and inherit is a sustainable and just world.  We cannot leave this work to someone else to do – it is our work to do now.

OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR NOW – Let us honor this sacred path of Mothering and Parenting. Mamas are the spiritual heart of the home. That includes fathers who are mothering. There are many expressions of Mama in our culture today. You don’t have to have birthed a child to be a ‘Mama.’

This is the time for us to activate the Great, Universal Mothering energy so that we may transform our culture from one where violence seems to be the answer to a culture of peace and compassion. We’re talking global sisterhood, brotherhood, motherhood and fatherhood. Gather the mamas, transform the world…

…Imagine a million mamas, mothers and others, joining together for peace, inspiration and celebration. All of us gathering in a global movement to inspire, empower and engage mothers and others to bring greater peace to the planet for our children, ourselves and the next 7 generations. Let’s actively participate in the creation of a kind and just global society, where maternal well-being, women’s rights and children being fed, housed, clothed, educated and loved is as natural as breathing.

❤ Wendy Silvers ~ MMM Founder  

mama and babyMAMAS – We have immeasurable power to change the world for our children and our children’s children. We are our children’s first teacher – what shall we teach them?

If you’re a mama, a papa, or someone who mamas with a moving story to tell:

- please upload it to our Million Mamas Movement Facebook page

- Or send it to wendy@millionmamasmovement.org 

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