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Million Mamas Movement ~ a global Motherhood Collective
   The voices of Moms rising together, birthing a new paradigm of peace, love and caring for themselves, the children, each other,
Mama Earth, championing mother’s and children’s rights

gentle birth and parenting,
wisdom, living green,
 financial independence, flourishing personally,
living fulfilling lives and leaving a loving legacy.
Mothers United for Good




Imagine a world where the path of mother is honored and cherished. Imagine girls, women and mothers ~ all ages, stages, shades, faiths ~ receiving personal and economic empowerment from other mothers in their town to embrace their immense value and influence at the very depth of their being. We provide programs, educational, inspirational events, and social/political engagement. 


Healthy mothering moves the heart and soul of the global family forward …
A mother’s love shapes the future of the world

When Mothers are cared for, children are cared for
What will our legacy be?