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 Million Mamas Movement ~ Awakened Sacred Activism ~
The Heart and Soul of Mother love in action.
Creating a culture of peace, led by the mothers.
Caring for ourselves, each other, the children, the earth,
impacting the next 7 generations.
Embracing our sovereign power as influencers and
change agents ~ leading with love and compasion!



Imagine … every mama, woman ~ all ages, stages, shades, faiths ~ uniting in their unstoppable sovereign power as changeagents, linking arms, and ensuring that mothers are empowered and children flourish. To live in a world where we and our children have toxin free air food, water, medicines, progressive education, inclusive politics, choice, equality and freedom.  Women and children safe, fed, housed, healthy, clothed, loved, educated and celebrated through self-care, mindfulness, personal and economic empowerment programs, educational, inspirational events, and social/political engagement. 



Women hold the future of the world in their hearts, hands, and wombs!
Mothers are the heart and soul of the family locally and globally!
Children are our now and become our future!
What are we passing on to them?


The Million Mamas Movement stands for personal growth, empowerment, education, and social advocacy in service to women, mothers, those who mother, and children. The children inherit the environment we create. What is the legacy that we will leave our children and the next 7 generations?