Welcome to the Million Mamas Movement!

How does the Global Family thrive?
One mama, One papa, One child, One heart at at time
When we take care of the mamas, we take care of the children
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If we are to have lasting peace in the world, we must first transform how mothers and children are treated.
Wendy Silvers

Welcome to the Million Mamas Movement – a virtual “village” of peace, love, compassion and transformation! Led by the mamas and those who love them.

In August 2011, I heard a whisper on my heart that turned into a roar …. it said, gather a million mothers and others to unite globally in service to the well-being of mamas and children everywhere. Freedom, compassion, kindness and community are the guiding principles of the Million Mamas Movement. This Universal call for all ‘mamas’ to come together would not stop ringing in my head and heart! 

The MMM triumphs Global Motherhood and the unstoppable power of mamas to create change when they mobilize. We come together in circles, tell our stories of thriving beyond challenges, support one another, tell the truth, change our stories, make different choices, and our lives prosper. As we prosper, our children thrive.

The Million Mamas Manifesto begins with, “We, the Mamas.” It begins with you and me … right now. Your voice matters. Let’s establish peaceful families, emotional literacy, sustainable prosperity,  compassionate education and eliminate violence against mothers and children everywhere. We have the power to teach love, peace and compassion to our children by modeling these in our lives. It is the time for all Mamas to value their power as creators and transformers around the globe. We hold the seed of destiny!
Will you RISE with us?



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THURSDAY, APRIL 24th at 11 am PST | 2 pm EST

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The first Monday of each month, 11:00 am-12:00 pm PST, is the Million Mamas Virtual Town Hall meeting. Bring your voice and your vision!
    To learn more, and join us, please visit:  http://millionmamasmovement.org/monthly-town-hall/

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MMM founder, Wendy Silvers, is interviewed by Women For One’s founder

MAMAS – We have immeasurable power to change the world for our children and our children’s children We are our children’s first teacher – what shall we teach them?

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